Party Recovery Clean


Gatherings and events are dear to us. The last thing anyone feels like doing after celebrating is cleaning up the mess! We relieve you of the stress and cleaning that comes after all the fun. In need of an after-event cleaning service, we are just a booking away!

The rates for this service are 40CAD/hr using regular products or 45CAD/hr using green products.

  • Clear up tables/ dinnerware
  • Bag table linens (if applicable)
  • Wipe down tables.
  • Stack chairs(if applicable)
  • Vacuum/ Sweep floors
  • Take down décor(if applicable or requested)
  • Take out garbage, replace bags
  • Properly recycle glass/plastic/compost
  • Load/ Run dish washer cycle
  • Mop floors
  • Light reorganization of space as required.

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